Wells Fargo Control Tower conceptual video still detail.

Wells Fargo Control Tower Video

Controlling Financial Data & Access

Wells Fargo Stories website article with Control Tower conceptual video still as hero image.


Control Tower is a product that will enable Wells Fargo customers within the secured session to manage control settings for their accounts, as well as, manage and control the access they allow to their financial data. Designed and developed rapidly, the Control Tower project was speed to market (STM) focus, across multiple releases, with several sprint deliverables per release. As a Visual Designer on the project, I was honored to be named the Digital Experience Design (DXD) project lead for the first several releases of Control Tower. Previous to the STM project work, the Control Tower concept was created, tested, and validated by the DXD Envision team. I was fortunate to be invited to support several Envision presentation and testing efforts as a Visual Designer to help finalize the concept of Control Tower. Through the DXD Envision work, I became the lead on the Control Tower video project, which illustrated the concept of Control Tower and presented what experience Wells Fargo customers should expect. My Control Tower video project lead responsibilities included narrative script writing, actor casting selections, voice talent casting selections, video shoot suggested direction, music bed suggested direction, motion graphic asset generation, and motion graphic direction. The final Control Tower conceptual video was so well received, that the Wells Fargo CEO, Tim Sloan, and the Head of Digital, Brett Pitts, added an intro and closing vignette to the video, and then used the video as a portion of Tim Sloan’s public announcement of Control Tower during Fortune’s Brainstorm TECH Conference in Aspen, Colorado on June 19, 2017.

Wells Fargo Stories website article highlighting CEO Tim Sloan announcement of Control Tower.

Wells Fargo Stories website article with Control Tower conceptual video still as article image.

Partial views above of Wells Fargo Stories website article, highlighting CEO Tim Sloan’s announcement of Control Tower, and video stills used as hero and article images.

The 1:00-2:28 minute portion of this public relations video contains the Control Tower conceptual video.


  • Wells Fargo, Client
  • Digital Experience Design (DXD) Envision, Design Team
  • Teresa Rench, Envision Manager
  • Joe Tennis, Envision Project Lead and Interaction Designer
  • Laura Fisher, Envision Producer
  • Kevin Brindley, Envision Video Lead and Visual Designer

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