RVYVR brand mark detail view.

RVYVR Branding & Video

Reviving Healthy LifestylesFull view of RVYVR primary brand marks.


RVYVR’s mission is “To revive within ourselves and others a healthy & active lifestyle.” Strength in numbers, and the support others can provide, was the basis for RVYVR being created as an online community of health-conscious individuals looking to support others in healthy choices, and to receive support from others as well. “Reviving Healthy Lifestyles. Health & Fitness for Your Mind & Body” is the core of RVYVR and that also became the core essence of their brand development. I was honored to design RVYVR’s brand identity, brand standards, and their motion graphic promotional video. A clean, fresh, and energetic brand design was the goal and the final deliverables fit the challenge exactly. The brand mark was designed to be spring-like in both its feel and its implied action, with the custom, hand-drawn lettering bringing the brand mark to life. From there, flexibility was provided to the brand by offering component brand elements derived from the main brand mark. The same approach and focus was applied to the motion graphic promotional video, which elegantly combined video footage with motion graphic elements. The result was a striking, short, but powerful introductory video to help RVYVR expand its online community.
Full view of RVYVR secondary brand marks.

Full view of secondary brand marks created for RVYVR.

This 0:30 motion graphic video helped promote RVYVR online.

Branded water bottles for RVYVR.

Full view of two branded water bottles designed for RVYVR.

Branded dry fit exercise shirt for RVYVR.

Detail view of branded dry fit exercise shirt designed for RVYVR.


  • RVYVR, Advertiser & Client
  • Work By Kevin LLC, Design Studio
  • Kevin Brindley of Work By Kevin LLC, Creative Director, Designer, Animator & Producer
  • Brian Hamlett of RVYVR, Project Manager

All work samples displayed in this online portfolio reflect work that Kevin Brindley performed exclusively, unless otherwise noted above.