Craftie™ Beer App teaser video detail view.

Craftie™ Teaser Videos

Video Campaign Devoted to Teasing


As Craftie™ Beer App came closer to launching publicly, a series of motion graphic teaser videos were created. Each video contained it’s own unique Craftie™ related positioning message, and together all four videos were designed to work as a campaign. By keeping each video extremely short, these videos worked well on our social media channels, and allowed for followers of Craftie™ to share them easily on their social channels. Short and sweet, small and memorable, were our goals for these motion graphic teaser videos, with specific versions for individual users and specific versions for brewery owners being created. The campaign proved to be successful, and Craftie™ received a spike of engagement after each teaser video release.

The above 0:15 second motion graphic videos helped tease that Craftie™ Beer App was launching soon through online promotion and social media channels.


  • 2015 Communicator Award, Award of Excellence, Online Video / Web Series


  • Craftie™ Beer App, Advertiser
  • Appsy LLC, Client
  • Work By Kevin LLC, Design Studio
  • Kevin Brindley, Creative Director, Project Manager & Designer
  • Brian Hamlett, Project Manager

All work samples displayed in this online portfolio reflect work that Kevin Brindley performed exclusively, unless otherwise noted above.