Craftie™ Beer App marketing video detail view.

Craftie™ Marketing Videos

Online Video Marketing


To help explain Craftie™ Beer App, and its list of features and capabilities, a series of motion graphic videos were created. These videos were designed to be viewed online and were kept short enough to both be housed on our Craftie™ marketing website, as well as, being distributed through our social media channels. The focus was to highlight each feature by showing actual on-screen views of Craftie™ on devices people would regularly use while interacting with their Craftie™ accounts. Separate videos were created to highlight premium and standard features, with specific versions for individual users and specific versions for brewery owners also being created. We then went back and revised the original project announcement video that kicked off Craftie™ Beer App to include actual on-screen views for re-purposing as our new marketing overview video.

This 1:10 minute motion graphic video helped explain Craftie™ Beer App’s premium features.

This 0:48 minute motion graphic video helped explain Craftie™ Beer App’s standard features.

This 2:23 minute motion graphic video was updated and re-purposed to become Craftie™ Beer App’s new marketing overview video.


  • Craftie™ Beer App, Advertiser
  • Appsy LLC, Client
  • Work By Kevin LLC, Design Studio
  • Kevin Brindley, Creative Director, Project Manager & Designer
  • Brian Hamlett, Project Manager

All work samples displayed in this online portfolio reflect work that Kevin Brindley performed exclusively, unless otherwise noted above.