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Thanking the Thankless


It’s a large time commitment to be on the Board of Directors of a volunteer organization, especially if the board is extremely active. Having been Membership Director for 1 year, and President for 2 years, I had first-hand knowledge of the time commitment involved. I also had a front row seat to see the countless hours our board members unselfishly dedicated to AIGA Charlotte, and our local and national design communities. These dedicated folks gave their professional and personal time to AIGA, and the time was often time away from their paying jobs, family, and friends. I wanted to honor their dedication to our board, and I wanted to thank them publicly for the long hours they gave to our organization and local design community. It seemed fitting to do this by having their names and board titles come to life on the big screen through motion graphic videos. Thanks once again to all who served on our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board – your dedication to AIGA Charlotte, and design as a whole, is infectious.

This 1:12 minute motion graphic video thanks all of the 2012-2013 Board of Directors and Advisory Board members.

This 2:10 minute motion graphic video thanks all of the 2013-2014 Board of Directors and Advisory Board members.


  • 2014 Videographer Award, Award of Distinction, Nonprofit – AIGA Charlotte 2013-2014 Board Thank You Video
  • 2014 Videographer Award, Honorable Mention, Nonprofit – AIGA Charlotte 2012-2013 Board Thank You Video


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