Do intentional, thoughtful, and meaningful work with, and for, good people. Commit to delivering excellence, striving for perfection, and promoting a culture that extends grace, empathy, and respect to all. I seek opportunities to work with those who approach their work, and interactions with others, with these qualities daily.


In my PX Operations role at LPL Financial, and during my career, I regularly apply previously gathered experiences and skills. Through an entrepreneurial spirit I help provide what firms, organizations, leadership, teams, partners, and customers need. My efforts increase opportunities for team members to remain focused on their allocations and disciplines, while providing additional time for honing their craft, and not being interrupted or burdened by the need to address operational needs in addition to completing the work for which they were hired.

When I’m not leading PX Operations efforts at LPL, I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside with family members and close friends.

Honors / Awards

  • 17 BMA ProAd Awards
  • 6 MarCom Awards
  • 5 American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)
  • 5 Davey Awards
  • 4 Communicator Awards
  • 2 Videographer Awards
  • 1 BMA Pro-Comm Awards
  • 1 HD Expo Recognition
  • 1 International Web Award
  • 1 Employee of the Year Award

Some of the awards listed above were earned for work that was created in collaboration with other team members while I was Creative Director at Paragon Design Group and Senior Art Director at Lyerly Agency.