Do good design work with, and for, good people. Life is too short to not be on the same page and not have a shared common goal. Trust is the key, and without trust, you might as well throw project scopes, timelines, and budgets out the window. My preference is to work with folks who believe that good design will make a difference and that I’m trusted to deliver solid design solutions to you. In return, I trust that you’ll arm me with all of the information and resources needed for me to reach your goals. We need to be invested partners working together in unison. I begin all creative projects with a mixture of research and a strategic approach derived from your project goals and objectives. Without strategy, the creative can be beautifully designed, but if it doesn’t effectively deliver the intended message to the targeted audience for initiating an action, then it is a wasted effort and just another pretty picture.


The best design solutions are derived from one idea. I have pursued the quest of that one idea in all of my work for over 20 years of professional design experience. Along the way, I have delivered creative solutions for a wide variety of needs and applications. I have worked at ad agencies, in-house marketing departments, and design firms. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I have also been involved with 4 successful start-ups that have resulted in me being a creative, design-minded business owner for more than 15 years of my career. I started at Bradley University, then headed to Charlotte by way of Chicago and South Florida. Through Work By Kevin LLC, I currently provide freelance design services for digital, web, video, and print focused projects. If my philosophy and experience align with your creative needs, then let’s connect and continue the conversation.


American Advertising Awards (ADDYs)
Charlotte, 1 Silver (2013)
District, 1 Gold (2012)
Charlotte, 2 Gold (2012)
Charlotte, 1 Silver (2008)

BMA ProAd Awards
1 Silver (2011)
2 Gold & 3 Bronze (2009)
1 Best in NC, 2 Gold & 3 Bronze (2008)
1 Best in NC & 4 Gold (2007)

BMA Pro-Comm Awards
1 National Award of Excellence (2008)

Communicator Awards
1 Award of Distinction (2016)
1 Award of Excellence (2015)
1 Award of Excellence, 2 Award of Distinction (2014)
1 Award of Excellence (2012)

Davey Awards
1 Silver (2015)
3 Silver (2009)
1 Silver (2008)

HD Expo
1 Best Branding Booth (2015)

International Web Awards
1 Web Design Excellence (2009)

MarCom Awards
1 Gold, 1 Honorable Mention (2015)
1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 1 Honorable Mention (2013)
1 Platinum (2012)

Videographer Awards
1 Award of Distinction (2015)
1 Award of Distinction (2014)

Some of the awards listed above were earned for work that was created in collaboration with other team members while I was Creative Director at Paragon Design Group and Senior Art Director at Lyerly Agency.